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England, London, Southwark, Cyclists Crossing London Bridge

How to cycle on the roads with confidence

Don’t let fear undermine your experience of taking to the open road. Cycle specialist Richard Peace explains how practice, planning and the right kit are key to the perfect ride

Pinarello Bike Shop in London

Buying the right bike for you

Once upon a time choosing a bike meant opting for a town bike, a road bike or a mountain bike. Fuelled by technological developments pushing the boundaries of bike design, the choice now verges on the bewildering. Cycle specialist Richard Peace makes sense of it all

Spiral wine cellar

How to design a wine cellar that suits you

It’s enough to make oenophiles pop their corks with delight – wine cellars are now almost as coveted as the precious vintages they house, as property expert Nicola Venning discovers

Hammer and bent nail shot on a rustic barn board surface

DIY Quiz: Can you really fix it?

Does the thought of picking up a screwdriver fill you with horror? Do you half-heartedly try to fix little problems or are you gung-ho with every power tool, despite having no expertise to balance your enthusiasm? Take home improvement expert Becky Clarke’s DIY quiz to find out whether you should attempt to fix those nagging problems or leave it to the professionals.