The home of the future

futuristic home

How will architecture shape the home of the future?

From tri-hubs housing three generations to homes that generate more energy than they consume, there’s a whole lot of innovation taking place in the world of architecture. We explore the ideas that seem to be catching on.

prefab home

‘Prefab’ – no longer a dirty word / Home of the Future

Modular and ‘prefab’ homes will become increasingly common in the next 10 years according to research from Hiscox on the home of the future. Great for those who can’t afford traditional bricks and mortar, but will they really catch on as they say they will? We ask Archiblox.

dual hub - home of the future

One house, two homes / The Home of the Future

Fancy housing three generations under one roof? It won’t be so bad if you live in a dual or tri-hub, a home style that’s likely to become increasingly common, according to our Home of the Future research.