In conversation with a forger – how not to buy fake art

In 2007, Shaun Greenhalgh was arrested and imprisoned for art forgery. After 28 years of creating and selling forgeries to art dealers, it was a trio of Assyrian reliefs, and the keen eyes of The British Museum, that got him caught. We speak to Greenhalgh about his experiences as a forger, and ask his advice on how to avoid investing in a fake.

Antique vase

Expert advice for buying authentic antiques

Whether it’s art, furniture, ceramics or other highly collectible items; forging antiques has always been an attractive prospect for criminals looking for a high return on investment. We spoke to expert, David Harper, for his advice and experience on how to buy antiques, without falling for a fake.

What’s rarer than a diamond?

Jewellery designers are looking beyond traditional gems to create one-of-a-kind pieces whose value can lie beyond the raw material. Telegraph Luxury’s Sarah Royce-Greensill finds the desirable in the obscure.

Anything but round: a history of Cartier watches

As an exhibition celebrates the elegant, unique work of Cartier, Tim Barber salutes the makers of the first watch designed specifically for the wrist and whose creations found their way onto Warhol’s wrist

Where to find the best sparkling wines

With this year’s London Wine Week offering champagne dinners, fizzy tastings and even English sparkling wine masterclasses, Zeren Wilson searches out bubbly that not only holds its value but increases it