Five tips for preventing escape of water disasters

Ensuring that pipes are properly lagged and setting the heating to come on when you are away may not sound like a priority, but at this time of year escaped water can be as much of a threat to your home as fire or theft

Do I need planning permission?

As a homeowner, it is natural to want to build and develop your property – whether that’s by building an extension, converting unused space, or putting up a fence. While many works fall under ‘permitted development’ there are rules and exceptions. Underwriter, Tim Slattery, answers some of the commonly asked questions about planning permission.

Five ways to winter-proof your home

Your home may be your castle, but even the sturdiest stronghold needs a spot of groundwork. We explore five ways in which you can winter-proof your home.

Make room for furnitecture

Furnitecture can expand your kitchen but divide your living room, so what exactly is it? Design and interiors expert Claudia Baillie explains the concept and the names to look out for

When is a shed more than a shed?

Once the garden shed was little more than a cobwebbed dumping ground for garden furniture and abandoned hobbies. But not anymore. Nicola Venning investigates what it takes to be a Shed of the Year.

Why do people extend their homes?

From creating a modern feel to designing an integrated living space, Dominic Lutyens explores the thinking behind four home extensions