Buildings insurance

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What is buildings insurance?

Damage to your home can cause untold strife, particularly if you’re liable to pick up the bill for something out of your control. Underwriter Philip Walsh talks us through what buildings insurance is, how it can protect you from these costs, and things you may wish to consider when taking out a policy.icy.

Considering buying a listed building?

Owning a listed home is not only a shrewd financial move, it’s also a chance to play your part in preserving a segment of our country’s heritage. We speak to Tom Foxall from Historic England about what you need to bear in mind before buying

Flood Re: What it is, how it works and what it means for you

Launching in April 2016, Flood Re aims to give homeowners in high flood-risk areas more options when it comes to protecting their properties. Property journalist Cherry Casey explains what you need to know about this latest innovation to the home insurance market.