Whatever the event your client is planning, they will have invested time and money in making sure everything goes to plan, so it is essential that they have the right event insurance in place.

With over 30 years’ experience insuring events, we know that no two occasions are the same and tailor our policy specifically to suit your client’s event. Hiscox Event Insurance will protect them from a range of risks including unavailability of the venue, property damage or personal injury.

Key features

Hiscox Event Insurance offers the following cover:

  • Cancellation and abandonment – protecting your client’s financial outlay in the event
  • Property damage – covering property, hire equipment, and some elements of the venue’s property
  • Public liability – covering claims for injury to a third party or damage to their property whilst at your client’s event
  • Employers’ liability – covering claims for injury to temporary staff or volunteers at the event.

Who is it for?

Clients running commercial events such as exhibitions, conferences, product launches and award dinners.

Why choose Hiscox

  • If your client intends to run a series of events, we can cover them all under one policy
  • We can also offer cover for private events such as weddings

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