15th November 2017

Build your customised renovation project planning guide

Planning a renovation or extension
Phil Thorn
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Phil Thorn

Phil Thorn was Head of UK Propositions in Hiscox UK. He has worked in a variety of marketing, online, product management and leadership roles in Europe, US and UK.

Being aware of what might go wrong before you begin a renovation or extension project could help you budget and schedule more accurately. Discover possible variables with our Project Planning 101 tool to help you plan your project more accurately.

Carrying out major building works on your home is often a stressful event. If you’re living in the property, your life can turn upside down – literally. Your kitchen is in the living room, you’re sleeping in what used to be the spare room and the whole family might be sharing one bathroom. Even if you’ve temporarily moved out of the property, the last thing you’ll want is unexpected issues adding to your costs and extending the time before you can move back into your home.

But, with 87% of extensions and renovations going over schedule and 92% going over budget, this is a situation many homeowners find themselves in. If work does end up going wrong, or even having to be re-done, building your dream home could be more challenging than you ever expected.

Thankfully, help is on hand. With expert insight from renovation and extension insurance expert Douglas Brown, and Ester Corti, founder of Mitchell and Corti Architects, we’ve developed the Project Planning 101 tool.

Whether you want to extend a listed farmhouse in rural Scotland, or renovate a contemporary flat in the heart of London specify the details of your planned works and it will compile a list of potential problems, pitfalls and permissions you should be aware of before beginning your project.

Liesa and Keith, a couple who feature in Channel 4’s Best Laid Plans, a renovation series co-created with Hiscox, know first-hand just how rewarding building an extension can be – but also, how even the most carefully considered projects can go wrong.

‘Doing a renovation is brilliant – incredibly stressful at times, but incredibly good fun at others. We've been through the mill with various delays/supplier issues, but would do it again and again. We learnt that, even though we spent two years preparing and going back and forth with the planning office, next time we'd definitely set a lot more things in stone before starting.’

If you’re transforming a home into a property to be proud of, it pays to make sure that you’re well prepared for every eventuality. And while there’s no crystal ball to foresee what challenges you’ll face, doing your research and taking precautions can go a long way towards keeping your project on track.

Specialist renovation and extension insurance makes sure that you never end up paying the price for someone else’s mistake. And if anything should go wrong, there’s still a roof over your head and cover for your most precious assets.