We’ve heard the one about the luggage left on the motorway

Ever had that nagging worry when you’re going away that you’ve forgotten something? Most of us have. But you relax as soon as you remember you packed the passports, your reading glasses or that pair of ‘holiday’ shoes safely away in your bag. But imagine your horror if you suddenly realise you’ve left that bag – your entire luggage, in fact – in a layby on the motorway.

Luggage on the motorway

That happened to one of our customers, whose car suffered a flat tyre. This didn’t puncture his holiday spirit, though, as he changed the tyre himself and was soon on his way again.

Alas, the wheely awful problem with his emergency pit stop was that, in his haste to get back on his way, he left behind the bags and suitcase he’d taken out of the back of the car to get his spare tyre.

By the time he realised and drove back to retrieve them, they’d already disappeared.

Although it might have been a wrench to lose his belongings we sent him a cheque for the value of his case, and its contents, on the day we received his claim.

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