How to prevent subsidence and what to do if you’re affected by subsidence

No amount of preparation can make you immune to extreme weather, and in the UK most homeowners will have suffered some sort of damage resulting from a storm. If stormy weather is forecast, there are several steps you can take to minimise the risk both to your property and to the people living inside it.


Maintaining your roof tiles and gutters

Wind damage to roof tiles and damage caused by loose tiles is a common occurrence during storms. With proper maintenance throughout the year, your roof has a much better chance of standing up to harsh winds and rainfall, thereby helping to minimise flood and wind damage overall. You might want to consider:


  • A maintenance check to ensure that all roof tiles are securely fixed down
  • Keeping your gutters free from twigs, moss or other debris, so they do not get blocked during heavy rainfall
  • Making sure that gutters are firmly attached


Securing loose items

Items left loose outside, such as toys, tools, barbecues or bicycles, can all become major hazards in high winds. It is well worth storing these items elsewhere when storm weather is anticipated. If you have a garden shed, check that the door is secure on its hinges and can be padlocked shut, as shed doors can be another cause of major damage. If your shed or garden room hold some expensive items, like garden tools, bicycles, golf clubs or sports equipment consider Hiscox’s contents insurance.


Protection in lightning storms

During storms, it is safest to be inside with all doors and windows firmly shut. Should you find yourself outside during a lightning storm, it is recommended for safety reasons that you do not use your mobile phone which can act as a conductor.


Why choose Hiscox Home Insurance?

To help make sure you’re never underinsured, our new home insurance provides unlimited cover. This means that whatever the value of your loss, you can be confident you’re covered. For certain claims, such as tracing and repairing a leak, there’s a maximum amount we’d pay. However, the cover we provide is still higher than most other home insurance policies.

Among other things, Hiscox Home Insurance provides cover for many different types of storm damage – from minor breakages to major structural repair. In our policy documentation, we list the exceptions we don’t cover, such as storm damage to garden fences, so you can understand exactly how your home is protected.

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