Home security tips for second homes and holiday homes

If you own a second home or a holiday home, there are a number of simple home security tips that can help maintain your property and keep it safe even when you are not there all year round.

Preventing intruders and vandalism

Unoccupied properties can be vulnerable to burglars, squatters and vandalism. A sensible precaution would be to check that your alarm works properly, and if at all possible, to ask a neighbour if he or she would be willing to visit the property from time to time and pick up any post. Some property owners install a motion-sensitive telephone, which means they can be immediately alerted to potential intruders.


Maintaining your property

When a property is unoccupied for long periods, problems it can encounter include: 

  • Mould on walls
  • Mouse infestation
  • Frozen pipes
  • Radiator leaks

Keeping your heating running while you are away can help prevent mould, leaks and frozen water pipes. Sensible precautions before leaving your property could help prevent infestations, such as making sure your property is cleared of any food waste and residue, and that any perishable items are stored in air-tight, durable containers.


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