futuristic home

How will architecture shape the home of the future?

From tri-hubs housing three generations to homes that generate more energy than they consume, there’s a whole lot of innovation taking place in the world of architecture. We explore the ideas that seem to be catching on.

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Making the kitchen the focal point of your home

Whether it’s the place where you share the day’s events during an evening meal or catch up with friends over a glass of wine, kitchens are now the most important room in the house. Here are five ways to help transform your kitchen into a modern hub of family activity

DIY Quiz: Can you really fix it?

Does the thought of picking up a screwdriver fill you with horror? Do you half-heartedly try to fix little problems or are you gung-ho with every power tool, despite having no expertise to balance your enthusiasm? Take home improvement expert Becky Clarke’s DIY quiz to find out whether you should attempt to fix those nagging problems or leave it to the professionals.