Claims Today: October 2017

2017 Superb Service Broker Survey

This year’s Survey was completed by over 900 of you and offered vital insight and a candid perspective on our performance. See some of the verbatim feedback below:

“You feel confident in placing clients with their claims service.”
“If a claim is submitted, they deal with it quickly and efficiently.”
“Their claims service is first class.”
“The claims service is one of the best out there.”
“They are very good at paying claims, good customer service and I have confidence in what they are doing.”
“They look to pay claims , rather than avoid them. Fair minded on claims.”
“A superior claims service.”
“Claims service and cover are excellent.”
“Hiscox are famous for their excellent claims service.”

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Hiscox claims data


Employers’ Liability

The Claim
Our insured is a company who specialises in ventilation, duct work, maintenance and commercial deep cleaning. The claimant was employed by our insured and said that he had injured himself while dismantling a steel canopy.

What we did
We closely worked with the insured to obtain robust evidence to counter the claimant’s allegations that his accident had occurred as a result of being left alone to work untrained and unsupervised. We presented a robust defence and supported the insured to trial where the claimant’s claim was dismissed. The claimant was ordered to pay the insured’s legal costs. The insured was delighted with the outcome.


Professional Indemnity

The Claim
Our insured is a creative agency. In 2015 one of its customers rebranded. Our insured worked with the customer on a global marketing campaign to launch its new brand. This included placing adverts in print and on billboards. Shortly after the launch an artist contact the brand, claiming that the adverts were a copy of his works.  

What we did
Almost as soon as the claimant announced himself, he began legal proceedings in France against our insured’s customer alleging copyright infringement. Our insured owed its customer an indemnity to defend such claims. We immediately instructed specialist local lawyers to defend the claim. The French lawyers advised that the claim was a poor one and could be defended. After almost two years of litigation, the court recently dismissed the claim, finding no fault with anything our insured had done.


The Claim
Our insured invited an employee to a performance meeting but was then faced with a lengthy grievance alleging bullying, sex and disability discrimination. The employee instructed solicitors and was making significant monetary demands to settle the perceived claims.

What we did
The insured cover was promptly confirmed and we assisted our insured by drafting letters and providing guidance in settlement discussions. This resulted in a quick settlement which was significantly lower than the sum initially sought by the claimant, and it avoided the insured incurring significant management time in dealing with this matter.

What the customer said:
“I would like to thank all involved at Hiscox for a great service and to you personally for the way in which you handled the whole affair.”

The Claim
Our insured, a wedding planner, had to cancel a number of weddings after permission to take photographs in a particular local venue was withdrawn at the last minute, and as a result faced a number of claims from its clients. 

What we did
We settled the matter promptly, avoiding our insured becoming involved in time consuming legal proceedings and averted the risk of the insured receiving negative comments on social media from their customers, which would have been very damaging for their business. 

What the customer said:
“The service was exemplary. I should know as I was a Compliance and Risk Officer in financial services for 10 years plus and both insurance and complaints fell under my remit. The service I received from you put the service I received from other firms (with insurance premiums over £100k) to shame in all honesty.”

What the broker said:
“Thanks again for your excellent service as acknowledged by the insured.”


All figures correct for September 2017. Claims are dealt with on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy wording. For full details please read the policy wording. Hiscox Underwriting Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  10/17