We listened, learned and now we’re acting.

We listened, learned and now we’re acting.

This year’s Superb Service Broker Survey was completed by over 900 of you and offered vital insight and a candid perspective on our performance. In most areas, we did very well, in others we were superb and in some areas we could have done better. Most importantly, the results told us that the improvements to our products and services we’re implementing right now, are exactly what you’re looking for.

Your feedback
You told us that our expertise and transparency were stand-out and our claims service second-to-none. Overall, the number of our brokers that would recommend us and the satisfaction with our service remains strong, and we continue to outperform our industry peers in multiple business areas. That said, feedback also told us that our service could be quicker, and at times, more accessible.

Whilst these are scores that many insurers would be proud to receive, we always strive to do better. Knowing there are aspects of our service that need more work is disappointing, but we’ve never felt more positive because we’re confident the changes that lie ahead are exactly the right ones.

Hiscox+ - things are changing
Hiscox + will bring significant updates to our service and products, so you can expect to see the following benefits over the coming months:

  1. Faster turnaround on smaller risks
  2. More time with our underwriters
  3. Updated products
  4. Increased appetite to write larger risks
  5. Pricing that wins first time, every time
  6. Deeper sector expertise

The transformation is underway with new products and services already being introduced.

We know we have to adapt to keep winning and that’s exactly what we’re doing. We’re confident about the positive impact Hiscox + will have and will be asking you to feedback regularly to make sure these updates are working for everyone.

For more information about Hiscox + and the benefits it will bring, please contact:

Chris Davies, Sales Operations Manager

E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)20 7448 6253