Would you buy a painting online?

While consumers are becoming more comfortable buying art solely on the basis of a digital image, we look at whether technology can ever create the same level of trust that you would get viewing items in a gallery

Conversations in contemporary art – Hiscox art debate

Should we care about the issues surrounding the conservation of contemporary art? That’s exactly what was explored in a panel discussion on Tuesday (19th May 2015) evening at the annual Hiscox event held at Royal Institution (RI).

Philip Mould and Lois Sturt

TV presenter Philip Mould and his Object of Desire

Philip Mould OBE is an art dealer specialising in portraits, author of ‘Sleuth the Amazing Quest for Lost Art Treasures’ and TV presenter of BBC Fake or Fortune and the Antiques Road Show. By Hugh St Clair.

Brandt Lewis Lake

Art sales no longer the preserve of the super wealthy

Following the release of Hiscox’s 2015 Online Art Trade Report, it’s clear that Brits are now buying more art than ever online. And it’s no longer a market dominated by a wealthy elite; the internet now offers more of us the chance to own an original artwork.

Nina Campbell and Eden Sassoon urn

Interior designer, Nina Campbell, and her Object of Desire

Annabel’s nightclub, Rod Stewart, Ringo Starr, the Duchess of York… World-renowned interior designer Nina Campbell’s list of clients is endless. Here she talks to columnist Hugh St Clair about urns, tureens, and how to keep your interiors looking fresh.