We understand the unique business risks that management consultants face and that’s why our professional indemnity insurance is designed to protect your clients should they experience a claim related to their advice they have given, or in the event that one of their employees behaves dishonestly.

Key features

In addition to all the standard features of our Hiscox Professional Indemnity cover, our bespoke wording for management consultants includes cover for:

  • negligence or breach of duty of care: we cover management consultants against claims related to giving bad advice whether advising on redundancies or a business acquisition for example
  • dishonesty: we cover for dishonest acts such as theft from clients committed by your client’s employees, sub-contractors, or outsourcers directly contracted to them and under their supervision
  • intellectual property: we cover your clients for using someone else’s intellectual property such as breach of copyright or trademark
  • advertising: cover given for advertising in the event of a negligent misstatement for example.

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Who is it for?

We provide cover for businesses working in the following areas. If your client's profession is not listed, we may still be able to cover them under our professional indemnity policy for other professions.