A tale of two leaks

What would happen if you could spot a leak before it even happened? We share two stories with two very different outcomes – all because of one tiny device.

In previous editions of Broker News, we’ve described the benefits of installing a LeakBot smart device in the home to spot hidden leaks before they become bigger problems. We thought it was about time to look at some real-life examples, so we have two customer stories, one where a family had a LeakBot device installed, and one where they didn’t…

Four months of inconvenience

We had a customer who lived with his wife and four children. In the middle of the night he was woken by the sound of running water – he assumed it was just heavy rain, but then discovered a significant leak where a pipe had burst. Water was coming into the house at full pressure, and the whole family had to work to stem the flow until emergency assistance arrived at 6am – four hours later.

As well as an electrician being required to isolate wetted circuits, the property needed dehumidifiers and air movers installed to dry it out, which took eight weeks. Damage was found in the bedroom, dining room, landing, hallway and cinema room. The property needed the ceilings replaced, which also meant the integrated lighting and speakers needed replacing too.

Overall the family was left with four months of inconvenience while the property was dried and remedial works took place. All of this would have almost certainly begun with a drip, which a LeakBot could have spotted.

No need for disruption

In another property, a 25-gallon cold water storage tank was slipping from its mountings in the loft. The family’s LeakBot device spotted an issue with the ball valve in the tank. The engineer arrived and went into the loft where he noticed the issue with the mounting.

If this hadn’t been spotted and solved, the tank could have slipped from its mounting, spilling its contents into the rooms below, or even falling through the ceiling into the customer’s dressing room. Luckily, because it was identified, the customer could undertake the maintenance, meaning there was no need for disruption. Even living in a lovely hotel for a few weeks is disruptive to normal life.

Simon Tolley, Pilot and Propositions Delivery Manager at Hiscox UK, describes the LeakBot device as a little gem that not a lot of people know about. “The disruption that a water leak can cause to a customer’s everyday life is immense. How annoying would it be to have to pack your belongings up and move somewhere else – especially if you have young children? From getting to work to getting your kids to school, it’s disruption that you just don’t need and which LeakBot can help to avoid.”