Richard Kelly, Senior Portfolio Underwriter - Technology

  • How long have you been in insurance?
    12 years.
  • What’s your background?
    I am the third generation in a row from the Kelly family to enter the insurance industry, which I did after working in sales for a few years and travelling the world. I have enjoyed building insurance solutions for some of the most recognisable names in UK industry and was interested in technology from a young age.
  • Define your responsibilities in the technology team.
    I have two key responsibilities in the technology team: being the team manager and a senior underwriter. As well as managing our team of talented underwriters and ensuring we offer best-in-class service and solutions to our customers, I am heavily involved in underwriting, training and taking referrals on our more complex risks.
  • What are the big issues in the technology sector?
    Our customers face endless issues given the very nature of technology itself – it is ever-changing and today’s products, services, etc. are often out of date when they come to market. While the technology industry continues to grow faster (external link) than the rest of the UK economy, Brexit remains an area of uncertainty for us all. Legislation changes are also hard to keep up with and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) brings data risk to the forefront of my mind. This is all happening in an increasingly connected world where technologies such as the internet of things are constantly evolving.
  • How can your team and Hiscox help?
    We have had tailored solutions for technology companies for more than 20 years and these have been built with customers at the forefront of our mind. For example, we have intentionally structured our professional indemnity wording to be as wide as possible to offer peace of mind. While the words on the paper are important, we also work closely with our claims department so we can ensure our customers are looked after promptly and efficiently in what is likely to be a very difficult time for them.
  • What do you enjoy most about working for Hiscox?
    The flexibility and empowerment we have to adapt to an ever-changing exposure landscape. Having this means our solutions stay relevant to customers and we can offer market-leading products and service.
  • Describe your life outside of work.
    I love golf and I am season ticket holder at Harlequins. The knees no longer let me play rugby but it is still a passion of mine!