We hate things to look fuzzy and unclear. That’s why we offer a clear, bespoke professional indemnity policy for commercial film producers to ensure they are covered for the specific liability risks facing their businesses today. So whether they are working on a corporate video, a future chart-topper’s new music video or a global brand’s next Christmas TV ad, our policy can provide them with the protection they need.

Who is it for?

Clients may need this insurance if they:

  • Create advertising content for TV, print or press, online or for social media
  • Deliver music videos or corporate videos for clients
  • Enter into contracts to provide services to third parties, particularly the APA’s contract for the production of commercials
  • Work on projects that are time and budget sensitive
  • License music, clips, stills, props, or artwork for use in productions
  • Hire sub-contractors or self-employed freelancers to assist in the delivery of projects on your behalf.

      Why choose Hiscox?

      • Broad and clear breach of contract cover
        We give extensive protection for contractual liabilities, including the APA’s contract for producing commercials, so clients can be confident they’re covered.  
      • Cover for breaching a licence
        Our policy covers clients for inadvertently exceeding the terms of their licences to use someone’s trademark or copyrighted material.
      • We also offer the following cover as standard:
        Breach of contract, rectification costs, payments towards outstanding fees, intellectual property and breach of privacy/confidentiality. See the full breakdown

      Did you know?

      We will cover mistakes made by sub-contractors or freelancers while working on behalf of your client, so they can rest assured that their insurance policy will still respond – even if it isn’t their fault.

      How we help our clients protect their reputations

      When a hit turned into a writ
      Our client was engaged to film a music video for a famous pop star in an art gallery. The pop star’s management company later received a letter from an artist saying her work had appeared in the video without her permission. It was true – the production company had failed to take her picture down from the gallery walls before shooting began. Although the claim was made against the pop star and his record label, the production company had contractually agreed to any intellectual property liabilities arising out of the video. We settled the claim on the film company’s behalf.

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