We know that when it comes to organising a big event good just isn’t good enough. Clients expect perfection. It's important to be aware of the hosts of other risks beyond something being damaged or someone getting hurt at one of your client's events. If the specialists hired to help out with a big occasion, like caterers or cameramen, let the insured down then they will be forced to deal with the consequences. A simple mix-up or error could quickly turn a couple’s wedding into the worst day of their lives – and the insured’s.

We understand that events do go awry from time to time, despite best-laid plans, and, as the person who organised it, you’re insured is likely to be blamed – even if it may not have been their fault.

Who is this product for?

Your clients may need this insurance if they:

  • Enter into contracts to provide services to third parties, especially large, well-known corporate entities, or on behalf of their client
  • Develop the content for an event, including music, video production or speeches that could infringe someone else’s intellectual property rights
  • Perform health and safety assessments
  • Have keynote speakers or event ambassadors who could make defamatory remarks
  • Have access to personal data or confidential corporate information
  • Work on time and budget sensitive projects
  • Provide expertise, skills or advice to clients.

Why choose Hiscox?

  • Automatic coverage for venue owners and operators
    Often venue operators will require the insured to protect them if they’re named in a lawsuit arising from one of their events, so we include it as standard in our policy.
  • Bodily injury and property damage cover
    We provide the insured with contingent cover if bodily injury or property damage occurs at an event they’ve organised.
  • Work performed by subcontractors
    We can also provide additional cover for mistakes made by sub-contractors while under the insured’s supervision, so they can rest assured that their insurance policy will still respond – even if it isn’t their fault.
  • We also offer the following cover as standard:
    Breach of contract, rectification costs, payments towards outstanding fees, intellectual property and breach of privacy/confidentiality. See the full breakdown

Additional extra
Personal appearance coverage

Hiscox can provide extra indemnification for keynote speakers and ambassadors whilst performing their duties, to help make the insured’s offer more compelling to them.

Find out about Hiscox Event Insurance for clients running commercial events.

How we help our clients protect their reputations

A 40th that turned into a to-do
A party planner arranged a client’s 40th birthday party at a prestigious London venue. The day before the event, the venue operator called to say it had been forced to shut because of a collapsed roof. The organiser managed to find an alternative venue at the last minute and the party went ahead to delighted reviews from the client. Surprisingly, the client brought a suit against the organiser shortly after the event because it could not be held at his first choice of venue. He alleged breach of contract and demanded the return of the venue hire fee and damages for distress. We defended the claim on behalf of the party planner and helped to ensure that both the organiser and client worked together again.

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