The marketing and advertising industry is one of the UK and Ireland’s most innovative and fast-paced sectors. Hiscox’s market-leading cover protects clients against today’s new threats and ensures we continue to help companies protect their reputations.

Who is it for?

Clients may need this insurance if they:

  • Provide marketing or advertising expertise, skills or advice to their clients
  • Create advertising in any form: TV, cinema, print/press, online or social media
  • Enter into contracts with others to provide marketing and advertising services
  • Have access to personal data or confidential corporate information through their business
  • Create communications or manage a client’s public profile.

Why choose Hiscox?

  • Breach of advertising regulations
    We cover the insured in the event that they break one of the advertising industry’s governing codes, prompting a claim against them from their client.
  • Cover for insured’s own advertising
    We’ve now extended our cover for publicising and promoting clients goods and services to include on social media and online.
  • We also offer the following cover as standard:
    Breach of contract, rectification costs, payments towards outstanding fees, intellectual property and breach of privacy/confidentiality. See the full breakdown

Hiscox: Our guide to professional indemnity insurance for marketing, advertising and communications

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How we help our clients protect their reputations

Dealing with the fallout from a hacker attack
Our client, a marketing agency, was the victim of a cyber attack in which hackers accessed their systems and stole marketing databases they held on behalf of clients that contained thousands of people’s names, dates of birth and contact information. The data breach was serious enough for the agency’s clients to report it to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Although the UK data watchdog took no action against them, the agency’s clients sought to recover their large legal bills from it, claiming it had breached its contractual data protection and confidentiality obligations. Hiscox defended these claims on our client’s behalf and settled with its customers.