The digital world has grown exponentially to become such an integral part of people’s everyday lives that the average adult spends more than 20 hours online a week*. The internet has revolutionised the marketing industry – brands are not only competing with rivals but with the entire internet for people’s attention. Agencies are now fusing creative thinking with the latest technology to deliver truly memorable campaigns.
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But being at the cutting edge brings new risks for marketers, from a new website that doesn’t work properly, to a dispute with a client over a paid search campaign’s effectiveness. Hiscox are the first insurer to have created a specific professional indemnity policy for marketing agencies working in the digital world.

Who is this product for?

Your clients may need this insurance if they:

  • Provide marketing services or advice using digital technologies including SEO, PPC or digital advertising
  • Design or build websites or mobile apps
  • Manage social media accounts or websites for clients
  • Offer analytics or insight into digital marketing performance
  • Enter into contracts to provide services to third parties, especially large well-known corporations
  • Have access to personal data or confidential corporate information.

Why choose Hiscox?

  • Explicit cover for digital services
    Special cover for a wide range of services, including SEO, PPC, website and app builds, digital advertising as standard.
  • Breach of confidentiality including liquidated damages
    Broad cover for contractual liability, including amounts agreed in the contract between the insured and their client in the event of a specific breach of such contract, provided it represents a fair and reasonable pre-estimate of loss.
  • We also offer the following cover as standard:
    Breach of contract, rectification costs, payments towards outstanding fees, intellectual property and breach of privacy/confidentiality. See the full breakdown


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How we help our clients protect their reputations

Defending a marketing agency in a near £1 million dispute
A travel agency sued our client, which provided it with SEO and online marketing services, for breach of contract. The company claimed they had actually lost business due to mismanagement of their campaigns and felt they were given bad advice to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds unnecessarily. In total, the travel agency’s legal claim amounted to £650,000 – it also refused to pay for £300,000 of Google advertising charges. We defended our client in the claim and helped it to recover the outstanding money it was owed.