Specialist insurance for all types of events

If your client is planning an event, whether it’s a global trade conference or village fete, we can help protect them from the unexpected.

We provide specialist insurance for many types of events and the risks that come with them. Whether that’s a venue closure, volcanic ash cloud or an injured guest, we offer the cover to put your client's mind at rest, so they can focus on planning their event.

Why choose Hiscox Event Insurance

  • We’ve got over 30 years’ experience of insuring a range of events taking place in the UK and internationally. We can also insure clients who are domiciled in all countries where Lloyd’s is licensed to operate.
  • Bespoke policies to suit your clients’ needs can cover single or multiple events on one policy, which provides an economical and efficient solution.
  • We’re members of leading event industry associations – AEO, ABPCO and ICCA and have a deep understanding of the problems event organisers can face and how best to protect them.

To find out more about the types of events we insure, please select from the list below:

Events may need to be cancelled, postponed or abandoned for all sorts of reasons and this can result in irrecoverable expense or loss of profit. Something going wrong at a conference that your client has organised could result in a claim being made against them and many venues require organisers to hold public liability insurance to use their venue.

If your client organising an exhibition or trade fair, planning for the unexpected could mean the difference between making a profit and making a loss.

As an exhibitor, your client will no doubt have invested significant time and money to ensure they make an impact.  Not only is it highly frustrating if their plans are scuppered by unforeseen circumstances such as illness or a cancellation, their investment can be lost too.

Even the best laid plans can be run off course. If your client (a business or charity) is holding a special event, we can tailor our products to meet their individual needs.

Many venues require organisers to hold public liability insurance. Your client could face legal claims for accidental injury to attendees or for damage to the venue or a delegate’s property that they'll want to be protected from.

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