Updated cyber training on emerging risks and claims trends

The Hiscox CyberClear Academy (HCCA), a cyber security training platform, has been updated with new content to reflect emerging risks and claims trends.

The Academy is an online interactive suite of cyber training content, included free to all Hiscox CyberClear customers with a revenue of less than £10 million. It is designed for your clients to use for their employees to help them mitigate and manage their cyber risks.

A large number of cyber claims that we see result from human error, with employees regularly falling victim to attacks that can result in data breaches such as phishing and social engineering.

The content available on the platform includes a mix of videos and interactive material organised into four training pathways built around emerging risks and customer claims insights e.g. ransomware or business email compromise.  The new training focuses on specific threats, ranging from payment diversion fraud and supply chain risk to sextortion.

Gareth Wharton, Hiscox Cyber CEO, commented: “With many businesses forced to work remotely at the moment, there’s even more reliance on employees to identify and manage potential threats. Cyber security training, which is completed virtually, can play a crucial part in protecting a business from cyber-attacks and is in our view, one of the most effective defenses against cybercrime.”

“This is not a ‘once and done’ however – cyber threats are constantly evolving and the training we provide through our academy reflects this. The new content we have released mirrors the risks we’re seeing in the market at the moment and the claims our customers are making.”

The benefits of the HCCA for your clients:

  • Stay cyber compliant – cyber awareness training for employees to help meet major regulation requirements like GDPR and CCPA
  • Government certified – cyber security training accredited by the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)
  • Tailored training – five learning pathways designed around the needs of the employee and customised based on an assessment of their current knowledge
  • Continuous learning – training provided at regular intervals to reinforce key messages and reflect emerging risks
  • Extensive support – thirteen learning modules provide a comprehensive defense against cyber risks

If 80% of your clients’ employees successfully complete all the Academy training, the excess shown in the quote schedule is reduced by £2,500. If the excess shown in the quote schedule is £2,500 or lower, no excess is payable.

If you would like an overview demo of the Hiscox CyberClear Academy simply create an account here. If you'd like a more detailed demo of the academy email us here.