The making of The House I Grew Up In

Discover how our new TV advert – The House I Grew Up In – was made using 3D mapping technology.

Earlier this month, we released our new TV advert – The House I Grew Up In – as part of our Home Insurance policy promotion. The ad tells the story of how our homes become more important to us as we progress through life.

As well as the worth imbued into the story by Gordon Kennedy’s voiceover and Christopher Slaski’s music, one of the most striking aspects of the advert – that many of you have already commented on via Twitter – is the use of 3D mapping technology.

VCCP and Found Studios, who created the advert for us, spent many hours turning a leafy suburban house into a spectacular live-action video and light show that mapped our pre-shot scenes onto the property.

The process was a new experience for us and for UK TV as a whole – it’s a technique that’s not been harnessed in this way before.

It’s why we wanted to share this short making of video with you, that takes us from concept, to preparation and final shoot, and may be of interest to all those who’ve shared kind words with us about the commercial.

So whether you’ve seen our advert during Downton Abbey or stopped by YouTube to watch the piece, here’s the story behind the technology used to create the film.

You can find out more about The House I Grew Up In here.

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