How to value your jewellery and hierlooms

Jeweller Robert Ogden guides us through how to put a value on an item that is irreplaceable to you.

Jeweller Robert Ogden valuing an heirloom | Hiscox Cover Stories

Putting a value on an item that is irreplaceable might seem impossible. But valuing a family heirloom is not unfamiliar to our expert jeweller, Robert Ogden.

In our video Robert explains the do’s and don’ts of jewellery valuations and how value can be attributed to an item – that is, a compensating value should the item be damaged or lost. He tells us how it is advisable to have at least one really good valuation from a reputable jeweller, especially if jewellery insurance is something you are considering.

Remember, the value of your item will be affected by a lot of different factors: condition, age, material and most importantly, inflation.

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Find out more about Robert Ogden from Richard Ogden jewellers here.

If you have a treasured piece of jewellery in your home, or have recently inherited a precious heriloom, make sure that you get a comprehensive valuation before exploring jewellery insurance policy options avilable to you. 

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