Flood Advice

Our top 10 tips for customers at risk of flooding

Keep safe

1) Call 999 if you, or anyone in your vicinity is in danger or have been injured and be sure to keep an eye on vulnerable neighbours


Gather the essentials

2) Collect together a set of essential items such as blankets, a torch, a first aid kit, medication, food and water, as well as a change of clothes and toiletries, should you need to be evacuated

3) Move valuables, treasured personal items and important documents upstairs or to a safe location for safe keeping and where possible take your family, friends and pets to higher ground

4) Note down emergency contact details such as your home insurance provider and claims line, home emergency cover, local council or the Environment Agency Floodline on 0345 9881188

5) Keep connected to what’s happening in your local area through the Environment Agency website and Twitter – use the #Ukfloods hashtag or search for #floods in your local area


Protect your home

6) If water is about to enter your home, switch off water, gas and electricity at the mains to protect your property. If you are standing in water, do not touch sources of electricity

7) For water inlet pipes, if you don’t have non-return valves fitted, plug them with towels or cloths to stop additional water flowing into your home

8) Disconnect any equipment that uses water such as your dishwasher, or washing machine


Listen to advice

9) Follow the advice of the emergency services – they will only be asking you to evacuate for your own safety and will take you to a local centre where you will be provided with food and bedding

10) If you choose to stay with friends and relatives, rather than the evacuation centre, tell someone so the emergency services are aware

For any customers who have been affected by a storm or flood and need to notify us of a claim, our claims line is open 24 hours a day.

Please call us on 0800 247 1902 or 01904 618 200

For the latest news, information and flood support advice, please follow us on our dedicated Twitter handle @HiscoxUKHelp

Flood project (data from BBC news and the Met office)

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss stated that the flooding in December 2015 was the wettest in a century. Storm Desmond hit the UK on the 5th of December 2015, bringing strong winds of up to 81mph, and record-breaking rainfall, which brought flooding to vast areas in the North of England. Soon after Storm Desmond, Storm Eva hit the UK on the 24th of December 2015, with gusts up to 75mph and heavy rain worsening flooding in the North of England.

In 2015 alone, we assisted over 750 customers who made a claim as a result of flooding or storm damage. Our award winning claims team worked tirelessly to support the customer by:


  • Getting experts on site quickly
    During the height of activity – the Christmas period itself – loss adjusters were appointed to visit many of the affected homes. The average response time from our adjusters was just over two days, although customers with urgent requirements were visited within hours, including on Christmas Eve.
  • Checking our customers were safe
    We actively contacted customers and brokers with clients in those areas believed to be at risk to check if they needed any assistance.
  • Providing an immediate response
    We increased our staff levels throughout this period so our customers could call and report a claim immediately. When Windstorm Ulla struck, our claims team were in the office first thing the following morning to start resolving claims for our customers.


What our customers said

We’d like to thank all customers who provided feedback on our claims service. It’s hugely valuable to us as we strive to deliver the best possible service and offer the protection promised in our Home Insurance policy. We have shared some comments below:

“My wall blew down in a storm on the Thursday morning and I had confirmation that the claim would be paid by early Friday evening. The lady who dealt with the claim could not have been more professional and easy to deal with. Though I hope I don’t need to claim in the future I am very assured that my cover is exactly as you promised.”

“We have had a very stressful time over the Christmas period due to the storm, and so I was relieved that Kelly made the whole claim simple and straightforward. She was clear that she would deal with it personally, offered all her contact details and did everything she said she would do on time. For me the stand out moment was Kelly giving me her direct phone and email – it is so reassuring, yet unusual, to be given easy access to the person dealing with your situation.”

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