Five ways to winter-proof your home

Your home may be your castle, but even the sturdiest stronghold needs a spot of groundwork. We explore five ways in which you can winter-proof your home.

With winter around the corner and the mercury about the plunge, it’s time to start thinking about the best ways to keep your home secure as the weather worsens.

Everybody’s home is different, but here are five quick tips to avoid common risks to your property this winter.

1. Keep window sills clear of snow to avoid the dreaded damp.
They may look pretty, but melting water from snow on exterior window ledges can cause serious damage inside.

2. Sprinkle salt over your driveway and other ice-prone areas to avoid nasty slips.
It’s tempting to use hot water from the kettle to clear it, but ultimately it will only freeze over to create a slippery surface.

3. Reduce the risk of chimney fires by only burning dry wood.
Your Christmas scene might not be complete without an open fire, but even slightly damp wood will cause flammable creosote to build up on the internal flue walls. Creosote is highly combustible, and can catch fire if your chimney gets particularly hot.

4. Wax external doors to prevent weather warping.
If you have a wooden front door, you can protect from the twisting and cracking that can happen in cold and wet weather by coating it in good quality wax or sealer. This will block out swell-inducing moisture.

5. Chop back broken branches.
It only takes a few minutes to trim dead or broken foliage overhanging your property, and it will save you a lot of worry when stormy weather arrives.

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