What does a typical small business look like?

The truth is, every small business is different. Different size, turnover, risks — and therefore different insurance needs.

To illustrate that the ‘one size fits all’ approach doesn’t work, we wanted to generate the ‘average person’ — just to show they can’t and don’t exist. We analysed the national statistics on names, age, occupations, household sizes, even pet names, and created a profile with the most common characteristics. Her name is Susan Smith, and our radio advert was designed specially for her: it talks about her husband David, their 1.6 cats called Poppy and Bella and the 3.6 cups of tea Susan drinks a day.

We turned Susan Smith into a social media video to demonstrate what she would be like as an average social media user.

Susan Smith social media video

Susan Smith is a statistic, and unlike her, Hiscox treats every customer as an individual, not a statistic. As a small business specialist Hiscox appreciates that businesses are as unique as the people who run them. All the Claires and Dans and Maxes and Ninas, with their histories and idiosyncrasies, who would hate to be put in boxes and treated as numbers.

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