Hiscox’s Group Digital Manager – Ronnie Brown, shares the latest hints, tips and things you should know when it comes to your digital business life.

This week’s edition – Amazon tweets the news; Sticking together – Post-it and Evernote; a cool campaign from LG.

#1: Amazon: Tweet that press release
Thinking about using Twitter to send your press releases? Amazon is already there, choosing to send out news about their new Kindle Fire in 14 individual tweets. A bold move and possibly the shape of thing to come as the volume of information we have to process now favours short and to the point communication. Hard pressed journalists will surely thank them…

#2: Post-it Note sticks it to Evernote
As a massive user and fan of Evernote (I use it to compile this weekly blog), this tie-in with Post-it seems like a great idea. The ability to take pictures of your written notes and import them into something digital shows a true insight into the best use for each media. Two companies who you would think would be competitors working together to make something truly useful.

#3: Cool campaign – LG’s tweeting fridge
Following on from the washing machine that tweeted when its load had finished, LG has spun this further (pun intended) to demonstrate its new fridge. Each time the door is opened it records what happens and posts the video to Twitter.