Britain has never been more beautiful. 12 new beauty salons open every week[i], and business is good, with the industry boasting an annual turnover of £6.2 billion[ii].

While once a mention of a salon would conjure an image of prim women lined up beneath a row of bonnet hairdryers — both their services, and clientele have evolved. The rising popularity of male grooming and proliferation of weird and wonderful beauty treatments has meant salons and beauty professionals have had to diversify. From manicures and blowdrys, to facial hair grooming and micro-blading, salons are now offering more ways to beautify yourself than ever before.

To investigate how the UK feels about getting pampered, preened, plucked and tweezed, we take a look Inside British Beauty Secrets, asking over 2000 people across the country about their regular beauty routine (or lack thereof).

Despite their ubiquity on British streets, not everyone feels the same way about a visit to the hairdressers or beauty salon – and we uncover some interesting results about how loyal people really are to their favoured beauty professional.

You might have a core clientele of people who would never visit another provider, but over a quarter of our respondents say they’d be lured away if another salon or professional offered a lower price, or discounts. And while hair and beauty insurance will cover your business should anything major go wrong; for some customers, it’s one strike and you’re out. 33% of the people we asked said one bad cut or treatment was enough to totally put them off a beauty professional.

Where you operate your business from can also make a difference when it comes to customer priorities. A Londoner might expect a glass of Prosecco on arrival but be happy to pay a little extra for the experience, and a quality treatment. However, in two-thirds of the regions we surveyed, the price of a treatment was ranked as more important than the quality – with perks like Prosecco considered relatively unimportant.

So, whether you run a professional beauty salon offering everything under the sun, or a small barbershop that looks after locals, find out more about what your customers truly value, and how you’re faring compared to other beauty professionals across the country.

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