Team profile: Hiscox Technology

Tom Dixon - Head of Technology

"Technology is a complex area – ever-changing, always-evolving – and in order to give a bespoke solution you need underwriters who are truly focused on its risks."

Richard Kelly, Senior Portfolio Underwriter - Technology

"Our customers face endless issues given the very nature of technology itself – it is ever-changing and today’s products, services, etc. are often out of date when they come to market."

Adam Atkins, Portfolio Underwriter - Technology

"With GDPR, we offer a broad policy wording that encompasses privacy breaches and the ability to provide a cyber and data product."

Dan Brown, Portfolio Underwriter - Technology

"We are at an interesting point in time in that technology is advancing quickly, it’s improving people’s lives and creating efficiency in business. But is there a cost to this around lack of privacy?"

Robert Plummer, Portfolio Underwriter - Technology

"We are the only insurer in the market that offers a ‘duty to defend’ policy, so we step in and help defend our insureds, of which our technology claims team have plenty of experience successfully defending our clients."

Mathew Morrison, Portfolio Underwriter - Technology

"Our ever-evolving suite is able to offer businesses prime insurance coverage and risk management services in addition to a world-class claims service in the event that something goes wrong."