Motor insurance

Your clients may be using  their car more, less or in a different way due to coronavirus, and they may have questions about whether that has any implications for  their Hiscox motor insurance policy.

For the vast majority of our motor insurance customers, their policy will be unaffected and there is nothing you need to do.  There will be some exceptions to this, for example individuals that now need someone else to drive their car for them, so where this is the case we would ask that you contact us so we can make sure your clients have the right cover in place.

The Association of British Insurers has published some information to help insurance customers which your clients might find useful – they can find answers to commonly asked questions at: link) (external link).


If I have to self-isolate or fall ill, and need someone else to drive my car to pick up supplies for me, will they be insured to drive my car?

In most cases you will be covered whilst your vehicle is being driven by anybody who is over the age of 30. You will also be covered whilst your vehicle is being driven by anybody who is named as a driver on your insurance policy. Check your policy documents where you will see coverage restrictions and/or named drivers relevant to your policy.

If you need somebody under the age of 30 to drive your vehicle and they are not otherwise named on your insurance, or if you have a restriction on your policy that prohibits use, then please get in touch and let us know so we can make sure you have the right cover in place.

In addition, as a Hiscox customer our motor insurance follows you. So, unless explicitly stated otherwise in your policy schedule, you are automatically insured on a fully comprehensive basis whilst driving any other vehicle – just in case you need to.

I have to drive to work now instead of getting public transport. Am I still covered?

Yes, your policy includes no restrictions on the type of driving that you are permitted to do.

I’m stuck abroad with my vehicle, am I covered?

As long as your car continues to be appropriately registered in the UK then we will maintain coverage if you’re stuck abroad.

I won’t be driving my vehicle for the time being, can I pause or cancel my insurance?

It is a legal requirement to have valid car insurance unless you register your vehicle as SORN. If you are not planning to do this but won’t be driving your vehicle for a while then please contact your insurance broker to discuss what options might be available to you.

I can’t get my car MOT’ed so what do I do at renewal?

On the 25th March 2020 the Department for Transport granted a six month MOT testing exemption for cars, vans and motorcycles needing a test from the 30th March 2020 providing the vehicle is kept in a roadworthy condition. MOTs due prior to the 30th March are still required.

Where your vehicle is required to have a valid MOT certificate, in line with the latest Government guidance, you should have this completed. If you don’t, this will invalidate your insurance policy. If an MOT exemption has been granted and this applies to your vehicle then your insurance will continue as normal.. You should check with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency for any changes to the rules.

I have had someone in my car who has been diagnosed with Coronavirus – does my insurance cover a deep clean?

This wouldn’t be covered under your Hiscox motor insurance policy.

I have volunteered to support the NHS. Does this affect my insurance?

No, as long as you are using your vehicle for genuine volunteer work in relation to the Coronavirus pandemic. Genuine volunteer work means that you are not being paid in relation to or for the activities undertaken, doing so could invalidate your insurance policy.

There is no need to inform us if you are a volunteer driving to assist those impacted by Coronavirus. Generally volunteer work involving volunteer driving that is unrelated to the pandemic must be reported to Hiscox or your broker.

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic am I still able to contact Hiscox and progress my claim?

Yes, the Hiscox motor claims team remain contactable as normal and are ready to assist with any new or existing claims.

My car is currently in for repair following a claim. Will the Coronavirus pandemic mean the repair takes longer than usual?

Although current Government advice allows garages to stay open to carry out essential services and repairs, many car dealerships have closed and these dealerships are a major source of original manufacturer parts. These parts are also manufactured overseas in countries such as China. As such, the supply chain has inevitably been disrupted which may mean it takes longer to complete repairs. We will keep you and/or your broker updated on the progress, however, it is inevitable that some repair durations will be extended.

I am a key worker and I have to drive to work. If I breakdown will there be support?

Keeping key workers mobile and dealing with immobile vehicles is a priority. Key partners such as the AA and Autoglass are still dealing with break-downs and essential repairs in order to keep you moving. Any policyholder needing repairs who still has a driveable and roadworthy vehicle will be advised to retain their vehicle for the time being (and therefore retain their mobility) and when bodyshops re-open we will arrange for their repairs to be progressed.

I am currently in a hire car awaiting repairs. What happens when the policy hire allowance  expires?

We are working closely with our car hire partners at the Exotic Car Collection by Enterprise and can assure you that this won’t affect your mobility.